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If ordering from abroad - FAQ


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If ordering from abroad - FAQ Udskriv

Below is a short answer to the most frequent questions on ordering, payment, currency, shipping costs and VAT refund concerning orders from abroad.

Q: How do I order?
A: Find the item, you want, use the button "læg i kurv" to add it to your shopping basket. Rest of the ordering procedure is in English.

Q: How do I pay?
A: We do accept most of the common international credit cards. You can also transfer the payment through the bank. However, in that case a small bank fee will be added.
Details will be sent to you through e-mail.

Q: Which currency is used?
A: All prices are in Danish kroner. Current exchange rates can for example be found here. Please notice that when using google translator, kroner (DKK) is (incorrectly) translated to $, which makes the items look about 5 times as expensive as they really are!!!

Q: What about shipping costs?
A: Shipping within Europe is at a fixed price (120,- DKK = approx. 16,- Euro for parcels up to 5 kg) which you will be able to choose when finishing your order so that you get a complete price for order including shipping.
Shipping for the rest of the world is based on actual costs. When you have ordered the book, you will recieve a link pr. e-mail which gives you the actual shipping costs and enables you to pay the amount by credit card.
We do not charge you for your order before you have seen and accepted the shipping costs. Thus you know the full price of order + shipping before your final accept.

Q: What about VAT?
A: If ordering from outside the European Union, VAT (20 %) can be withdrawn from your order. However, books marked "ANTIKVARISK" (used) are sold due to the special Danish regulations for trade with used items, and VAT can not be withdrawn.

Q: Can I find this website in other languages?
Bogjagt.dk is a Danish bookshop with new and used books on hunting, fishing and nature. It is mainly aimed for the Scandinavian market, and book descriptions and other information is in Danish.
You can use Google Translator to translate the site to any language. To make it easy, you can follow these direct links to the website in English, German and French. The translations are not always as good as they could be, though! And be aware of the currency problem mentioned above. Google Translate is just a way to get a rough idea about the text on the webpage, and we do not take any responsibility for facts or prices in the translated versions of the website.

Instead we recommend you to contact us if you have any questions or need further details on a certain title or on how to order.

Contact information for Bogjagt.dk:
+45 - 21 47 87 49.

Bogjagt.dk - jagt- og naturbøger  -  Østergårdsvej 2, Lydersholm  -  6270 Tønder
Tlf. 21478749  -  E-mail: hk@bogjagt.dk  -  CVR-nummer: 20409495