Greatest Hippo Charges DVD

Greatest Hippo Charges DVD

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DVD af Mark Sullivan * Syv nervepirrende flodhesteangreb. ''Best blood-on -your-shoes-attacs ever recorded''.
Varenr.: DVD-71001
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VINTERFERIETILBUD på (an-)gribende flodhestefilm
Den amerikanske storvildtjæger Mark Sullivan går tæt på - helt tæt på! Hans filosofi er, at vildtet skal have en reel chance, ikke kun for at undslippe, men også for at gå af med sejren, og hans speciale er at nedlægge storvildt som bøffel, løve og flodhest når han er kommet så tæt ind på dyrene, at de angriber. I filmen Greatest Hippo Charges har han samlet næsten to timer med hårrejsende flodhestejagter.

Producentens egen beskrivelse:
For many years I have been asked to produce a "Greatest Hits" movie. Although I have always favored the idea I felt I was not ready to do so until now. My criteria was and still is that such a production must be able to stand on its own. It must be exciting, compelling and well produced. The film must be informative, yet thrilling. As good or better than my best movie. Most importantly, I wanted it to exceed people's expectations. I am proud to say, Mark Sullivan's Greatest Hippo Charges Vol.1 does all those things and more.

Greatest Hippo Charges is my longest running movie at 114 minutes. It is a collection of the greatest blood-on-the-shoes hippo charges ever recorded by anyone--anywhere. Seven charges in all. Each charge is professionally filmed and edited. Also included is the most dramatic 12 1/2 minutes of hi-lite introduction ever created. Unbelievable bone chilling, in-your-face hippo footage--much of it never before seen footage including a great new hippo charge from last season. This is over-the-top EXTREME hunting like you've come to expect from Africa's most viewed and acclaimed professional hunter.

Spilletid: 114 minutter.

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