A Far From Ordinary Life

A Far From Ordinary Life

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Duckworth, Fred * Oplevelser i det Afrika, der var ...
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Udgivet af Rowland Ward

Fred Duckworth?s unique story sweeps through thirty years, from his earliest youthful experience of living and hunting in India during WWII to the last days of the Empire of the Lion of Judah in Ethiopia. We travel with him to the Terai jungles on the Indo-Nepalese border and the high Himalayas of the Northwest Frontier Province in the last years of the British Raj in pre-independence, pre-partition India. Returning to Kenya and Tanganyika, bent on a professional hunting career, Fred Duckworth?s travels take us to Malawi. We join him, as the Provincial Game Warden of the southern region, on the hunts for the two notorious man eating lions of Kasupe and Mandimba, when the hunters become the hunted. As the Wildlife & National Parks Adviser to the government of the last Emperor of Ethiopia, we are given an insight into the little known truths of Ethiopian wildlife conservation in that bewilderingly beautiful country and its often misunderstood, fractious, fiercely independent people.

There is much more of tiger and markhor, of elephant and killer crocodile, of good professional hunters and poor ones too. It is no exaggeration to say that Fred Duckworth has experienced a ?Far From Ordinary Life? in an Africa, which alas for many of us, is gone forever.