Rifles for Africa

Rifles for Africa

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Woods, Gregor * ''Invaluable for the person who seeks advice and information on what rifles, calibres and bullets work on African big game''.
Varenr.: NY-AFR-00001
Gregor Woods is one of the most experienced hunters today on the African continent, having shot game with everything from small centerfire .22 calibers right up to some of the most powerful cartridges available. In this milestone book, he gives the reader his experiences and conclusions based upon 40 years of hunting most of the game animals of the mysterious and always fascinating Dark Continent. Based in Durban, South Africa, he has made dozens of safaris to the classic African game fields?Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa?where he has had numerous experiences with dangerous game as well as the dozens of varieties of antelope. Readers of Magnum magazine will recognize his name as the author of numerous articles in which his no-nonsense, practical bent shines. This latest work is invaluable to the person who seeks advice and information on what rifles, calibers, and bullets work on African big game, be they the largest land mammals on earth or an antelope barely weighing in at 20 lbs.! His preferences certainly are not for super-deluxe rifles made by snooty gunmakers who have the attitude that if you need to ask what it costs, you cannot afford it! Woods prefers and likes items that work rather than shout money, and he talks about doubles and bolt-action rifles that are good, functional, and do not come with a five-year payment plan! He is by no means a man of false economy, and the reader will be much enlightened by what he considers are minimum standards for bullet performance, sights, and rifle functioning?safaris and safari equipment do not have to cost a fortune, but they are not free either. Some books are meant to be read once and then gather dust, others will be consulted and talked about for decades after they were printed. Gregor Woods has created a standard-bearer that will last for a long, long time!
465pp, 273 b&w photos
Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket