Jaguar Hunting - in the Matto Grosso and Bolivia

Jaguar Hunting - in the Matto Grosso and Bolivia

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Tony de Almeida * En fantastisk skildring af jagten på Sydamerikas store rovkat..
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Not since Sacha Siemel has there been a book on jaguar hunting like this. Tony de Almeida was the most successful guide for jaguars in the history of South American hunting. He guided some of the most famous people in the world to the world?s largest jaguars. Chronicling Tony?s career from its very beginning, this fascinating book will take you into the remotest parts of the ?green hell??South America?s endless jungles.

In the pages of this book you will find information on virtually every large mammal that Tony encountered over his long and illustrious career: pumas from the jungles, Marsh deer from the swamps, the diminutive brocket deer from the thickets, and even the spotted prince from the rain forest, the ocelot.

But above all these animals stands the king of the jungle, the world?s third largest cat, the jaguar. This most elusive of all cats is generally only encountered under the most difficult of circumstances in the densest terrain possible. When you follow the hounds, the client, and Tony into the thicket where the jaguar makes his last stand, you will experience one of the greatest adventures known to hunters left on this planet. These tales are a fantastic depiction of hunting history as it was, since jaguars are now no longer hunted today.

This is one of the finest books ever written on the subject of hunting the South American jaguar.